Scriptures, Happiness, and Flowers

It is said in the scriptures that God is present everywhere: Sarvam khalu idam Brahma (Indeed, all is God). Shankaracharya defined God as Satchitananda (ever existing, ever conscious, ever-new joy). This means God is pure consciousness which has ever existed and the nature of this consciousness is ever new joy. This consciousness is reflected in the nature everywhere, but in varying degrees. So the scriptures say: In the rocks and soil, God sleeps. In the plants, God projects gentle movement. In the flowers, God suggests to our minds His infinite beauty. In the birds and animals, God projects consciousness as activity. In mankind, physical evolution attains its highest development and are able to express this consciousness at the highest level.

So everything in nature should remind us of God and help us to remember our own true nature: ever-new joy or eternal happiness.

The secret of happiness is to see this world as holy, not as ordinary. Lo! The sky is a temple dome, and Life, the divine gift, is worshiped at altars everywhere. The flowers are Nature’s offerings of beauty. The birds, like choirs, sing thankful hymns. The more wonders you behold around you, the more wonderful will your own life become.

Paramhansa Yogananda said : “Flowers are given to us for a purpose. They talk to us about God more than anything else. They tell us every day that God is right here. Flowers are talking of God all the time. They are not just for demonstration, but are for demonstrating the beauty and fragrance of God that you may behold through them the presence of God.

Look at a flower and ask, how come you to be so beautiful? How come you even to exist, and your beauty to exist? Surely, there is some greater intelligence at work behind you, forming you.”

He further says, “In the flowers and blossoms, with their fragrance and their colorful quilts of petals, God smiles invitingly, as if to tell us, “Remember Me.”

Flowers are messengers of God, telling us every day of His existence. Flowers talk always of God and serve all with its beauty and fragrance.

In his book Secrets of Happiness, Swami Kriyananda, has shared many secrets to attain the eternal happiness that metaphorically relates to flowers:

Happiness is NOW! It isn’t tomorrow. It isn’t yesterday. Happiness is like a morning glory: Yesterday’s won’t bloom again; tomorrow’s hasn’t opened yet. Only today’s flower can be enjoyed today. Be happy this very moment, and you’ll learn how to be happy always.

Happiness comes from accepting others as they are, instead of wishing they were somehow otherwise. How boring life would be if everyone were alike! Would a garden be any fun, if all its flowers were purple?

The secret of happiness is doing willingly and joyfully whatever needs to be done. A flower reaches its peak of perfection when it is fully opened.

Every thought we think is a flower in life’s garden, and not the permanent possession of anyone. Let our thoughts, then, be fragrant and beautiful, not rank and ugly, that the memory we leave behind us be felt as a blessing on the earth.

How do flower essences work to help us achieve our true nature–ever-new joy ?

They support. They inspire. They awaken. They help us to become more of who we are and less of who we’re not. They help us to live more truly in alignment with our higher nature and our fullest expression and potential. Flower essences help us to identify with that majesty. They help us to remove the illusion that we are the fear, the anxiety, the stress which by their very nature will and must pass from our essential self.

To refer to the Indian scripture’s definition of the soul—the individualized expression of Spirit (Satchitananda) — flower essences allow us to access our true nature.



A deeply inspiring message. You have touched on the highest octave of the mission of the flowers to transport us and the flower essences to transform us. Thank you for sharing.


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