Flower Essences to keep us STRONG & WELL in these Unprecedented times

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The current pandemic situation has become critical in India. The pandemic is causing fear, panic, anxiety and other psychological issues. Keeping positive, calm & centred in this turbulent time is utmost important.

Below are several flower essence recommendations to help you maintain a “vibrational quarantine” from the virus. These 4 essences powerfully express how they can strengthen the human life force. They help us reclaim our inner peace, raise energy; and provide a more superconscious approach to the perception and handling of this disease.

You may want to follow this 4-week program in this order, taking each flower essence singly for 1 week – several drops, several times a day:

1. Pear Essence: for peacefulness, especially for emergencies such as this pandemic, as well as to sensitize you to the other flower essences in this program. Pear can help you to accept whatever happens. When we resist the natural flow of events, either positive or negative, we can lose great amounts of energy. That energy right now can be better applied to staying strong, centered, grounded, positive, and free from mass panic.

2. Tomato Essence: for the courage to overcome our fears. The laws of attraction demonstrate that we draw to ourselves that which we fear. While there is a fear-based element to this virus, it’s even more important to be courageous, at the same time taking every precaution to stay well. For those brave few who might contract the virus, this flower essence can help them to be “Warriors.”

3. Strawberry Essence: Its message is about grounding, setting healthy boundaries, and being very solid in yourself. In taking this flower essence, we begin to express its noble qualities that are so important to maintain in the presence of threats to our overall health.

4. Spinach Essence: excellent to combat feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Spinach Essence can help to build a sense of trust that we will do our best to nurture our total well-being and equally so through social distancing and other measures, to keep safe for others’ welfare. 

Use of these metaphysical herbs can draw us tangibly closer to our own perfect well-being. We are spiritual beings living in a material world. Hence our own life force is the source of our wholeness. Flower essences can help to unlock that flow of internal power. 

(Excerpted from Lila Devi’s recent blog)

Please take care. Do take every precaution, and stay very well. 

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