About the Chakra Blend Flower Essences

Now is the time for you to nurture, strengthen, and support your chakra system! Each of our 15 ml Chakra Blend Flower Essences offers 3 different selections, carefully combined to address the core issues and strengths of these metaphysical centers that are so vitally important to our overall well-being.

The word chakra means, literally, circle. It originates from the ancient traditions of India and its science of yoga. These chakras, or vortices of energy, are located in the subtle, or metaphysical spine—in other words, a centrally-located, vertical column that runs through the center of the energy body. The spinal plexuses in the physical body’s central nervous system correspond with the locations of the chakras. They then supply energy to various organs and body parts. In addition, they also store our emotional habits, desires, and likes and dislikes as well as basic tendencies and attitudes.

The 1st chakra is located at the base of the spine as the foundational chakra, moving upward toward the 7th chakra at the top of the head.

A Blocked Chakra? Think Again!

It is not possible to have a “blocked” chakra – even though this is a common myth! It is possible, however, for the energy flowing through a particular chakra to be less potent, like a water hose whose flow is reduced to a trickle from a kink in the hose line.

Also, please be vigilant with your thoughts: if you say you have a blocked chakra, that very thought has the power to weaken the energetic flow through that chakra! Also, if you sense that a particular chakra is weak, you may want to try the Chakra Blend for the chakra directly above it to draw the energy upward and through the chakra you want to strengthen.

Remember: try to focus always on the solution, not the problem!

A Condensed Wealth of Chakra Tidbits

Listed on each Chakra Blend Flower Essence page, you’ll see the corresponding flower essences and their qualities; the location of the chakra in the subtle spine; the Sanskrit name, as the chakra system originated in India; the color of the chakra, beginning with red for the first chakra, as it is the lowest vibrational color-frequency and thus is paired with the lowest chakra; and the element related to that chakra, in ascending order from the elements that manifest from matter (earth) to Spirit (super-ether).

Yogananda Flower Essences can help to reinforce the positive attributes of the chakras. We invite you to try the Chakra Blend Flower Essences and see what you think!

Your comments are always welcome. We wish you perfect well-being.

Essence Enhances Helps to Overcome
1st Chakra Blend Flower Essence Grounding, Steadfastness, Perseverance, Loyalty, Stability Stubbornness, Dogmatic attitudes, Fear, Attachment, Inertia
2nd Chakra Blend Flower Essence Flexibility, Acceptance, Creativity, Ability to go with flow Indecisiveness, Wishy-washy
3rd Chakra Blend Flower Essence Self control, Enthusiasm, Dynamism, Leadership Anger, Intolerance, All harsh attitudes
4th Chakra Blend Flower Essence Unconditional love, Inner freedom Loneliness, Loss, Separation, Negative & harmful emotions such hatred and rage
5th Chakra Blend Flower Essence Calmness, Process emotions, Speak one’s truth, Pursue special talents, Expansive Consciousness Restlessness, Nervousness, Boredom, Spacey-ness
6th Chakra Blend Flower Essence Joy, Wisdom, Freedom from ego, Concentration, Will Power Pride, Ignorance, Despair, Self-centeredness
7th Chakra Blend Flower Essence Freedom, Harmony, Non Duality and Bliss Overly rational and intellectual habit