What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a thought that states a higher truth, that we repeat either out loud or silently.  Our thoughts have a powerful effect on our mind and our physical body.

The scientific term for affirmations is autogenic training.  The purpose of affirmations is to focus the mind on the desired result.

Repeating affirmations while taking these essences has been found to greatly enhance their benefits.

The suggested affirmations are phrased so as to be compatible with the quality of each essence and to penetrate deeply into the mind of the essence user.

How do I use the flower essence affirmations?

When taking your essence dosage, repeat the affirmation aloud with energy, to help it penetrate the conscious mind.  Next, say it again more softly to the subconscious mind, and then silently, directing it to the superconscious mind.

The best times to practice affirmations are when falling asleep and upon arising.  These specific times are moments in which our conscious intention is most likely to penetrate the realm of superconsciousness, also called the Higher Self – that place where true inspiration and intuition reside.

These essences act with or without affirming their positive qualities, as illustrated by the overwhelming responses of animals and children.  Their effectiveness is greatly enhanced, however, when combined with specific affirmations, uttered out loud or mentally – with concentration, will power, and energy.