Choosing your Flower Essence

There are many ways to find a right essence for you:

Can i takemore than one Essence at a time? I think i could use them all!

While many people take combinations of essence formulas, over 40 years of research and analysis shows that using one essence at a time gives quicker and more noticeable results than combination formulas.  With this method, you will know which essence is working for you. Chances are, you will want to take them all, though singly, over time. We recommend that you prioritize according to which essence you feel most drawn to or as indicated by any test you take.  Take that one first, and the others in succession.  This will help you to connect with each essence on a one-to-one basis, through your own direct experience.

Which flower essence(s) should I take for headaches?

Flower essences, being energetic rather than biochemical in nature, do not work directly on the physical body.  This means they do not directly treat physical symptoms.  They work with the attitudes, habits, thoughts, and emotions that may contribute to, or result from, various physical conditions.  Thus we make no claims, nor do we prescribe or diagnose.

If the headache is caused by stress, for instance, there are essences – Spinach, Pear, or Lettuce, for example – that can support a change in attitude from stress to relaxation.

Is there a flower essence that will help me lose weight?

Yes and no, as explained in the previous response.  Yes, there are essences you can use to support positive attitudinal changes:  for example, Grape Essence, to curb comfort-eating for emotional reasons; Pear Essence, for stress-related eating; or Tomato Essence, for developing the will power to not overeat beyond the body’s natural dietary needs and sense of fullness, even when large portions are readily available.

Sometimes, we also need to make lifestyle changes that reflect healthy attitudes about ourselves.  In this case, monitoring our caloric intake; abstaining from heave meals after 4 pm when the body’s digestive fire is not at its peak; exercising vigorously and regularly to increase metabolism; and drinking more water for cleansing and proper hydration can help.

Are Yogananda Flower Essences safe for children?

Absolutely!  Children respond wonderfully to these herbal infusions and may even remind you when it’s time for their next dose.

Additionally, these essences have been observed to strengthen the special bond between mother and child.  It is a good idea for them to take essences simultaneously.