This questionnaire is designed to help you asses that are presently best suited to your needs. While evaluation of this type is somewhat general by nature, many individual have found it extremely useful as tool to find the right essence.

Answer the following questions quickly; your “first hunch” will generally be the most accurate. Place a checkmark by those statements to which you respond with yes; leave blank those statements you feel do not apply to you or are not a particular area of concern at this time. An Answer Key will be found at the end of the questionnaire.

  • Almond for self-control, balance and moderation.
  • Apple for healthy and magnetic attitudes.
  • Avocado for good memory, greater awareness.
  • Banana for humility and non-reactiveness.
  • Blackberry for purity of thought, positive outlook.
  • Cherry for cheerfulness, lightheartedness.
  • Coconut for solution orientation, perseverance.
  • Corn for energy, vitality, willingness.
  • Date for sweetness, hospitability.
  • Fig for flexibility, self-acceptance.
  • Grape for relationships, devotion.
  • Lettuce for calmness, creativity, communication.
  • Orange for enthusiasm, overcoming melancholy.
  • Peach for concern for the wellfare of others.
  • Pear for emergencies, peace and balance.
  • Pineapple for self-assurance, career, abundance.
  • Raspberry for kindness, forgiveness, compassion.
  • Spinach for simplicity, guilessness.
  • Strawberry for dignity, a quiet sense of self-worth.
  • Tomato for mental strength and courage.

When more than one essence is listed, you can choose among them according to your intuition or take them all, one at a time.