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Flower Essences Qualities

Flower essences stimulate our positive qualities. The table below describes each essence in nutshell. Click on a essence, to know more about a particular essence in detail.

Essence Enhances Helps to Overcome
Almond Essence Self-control, Moral vigor Addictive in personality, workahcolic prone, sexual immoderation
Apple Essence Mental Clarity, Healthy and magnetic attitudes Doubts, indecisive, worrying, health related fears, recurrence of toxic emotions such as anger, jealousy etc
Avocado Essence Good memory, Concentration Holding onto the past, unambitious, repeating mistakes, absentmindedness
Banana Essence Humility, Non-reactiveness Arrogant, quarrelsome, drawing conflict, reactive
Blackberry Essence Purity of Thought, Positive Outlook Cynical, sarcastic, negative, judgemental, fault finding nature
Cherry Essence Cheerfulness Sad, gloomy, moody, self-pitying
Coconut Essence Uplifted Spiritual Awareness Procastinating, unwilling, non-commital
Corn Essence Mental Vitality Bored, lethargic, stuck in mental rut, needing stimulants
Date Essence Tender Sweetness Unpleasant, narrow, irritable, craving sweet
Fig Essence Flexibility and Self-acceptance Overly disciplined, dogmatic, fanatical
Grape Essence Love, Devotion Seperation/Divorce, grieving, possessive, pushy
Lettuce Essence Calmness Restlessness, nervousness, inability to concentrate
Orange Essence Enthusiasm, Hope Unhappy, sad, hopeless, disinterested
Peach Essence Unselfishness Rude, self-involved, disinterested in others
Pear Essence Peacefulness, Emergency Essence Traumatized, nervous, unresolved in conflict
Pineapple Essence Self-assurance Inferiority Complex, poverty consciousness
Raspberry Essence Kindness, Compassion Bitter, resentful, easily hurt, over emotional
Spinach Essence Simplicity, Guilelessness Overly analytical, unhappy childhood roots, overwhelmed
Strawberry Essence Dignity Poor self-image, self-blaming, shy
Tomato Essence Mental Strength, Endurance Cowardly, quitter's attitude, fear of any nature

Flower Essences with other remedies

Yogananda Flower Essences may be taken together with other system of remedies like homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveda and other line of flower essences. 

Disclaimer: Flower essences do not replace treatment by a duly licensed health care professional.