How to Use the Essences

Two to four drops taken several times a day (the first one on awakening, the last before going to bed) is the most common way of taking the essences.  You may take them directly under the tongue or in water, juice, or tea.  Alternatively, apply them optically by rubbing a few drops on your wrists, mix 16 drops in bath water, or add four drops per cups of water to a misting bottle and spray it on your skin.  The essences work best when not taken with food – 10 minutes before eating or one hour after finishing a meal.

Use affirmations when taking essences. Read more on affirmations.

Shake bottle well before use. Keep the bottle in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat. In summer time, you can refrigerate.

Watch how to use Flower Essences

Flower essences with other remedies?

These essential infusions are completely safe, nontoxic, quick-acting, and easy to use.  They work effectively without the possibility of any side effects, overdosing, or negative reactions.  Also, they can’t be neutralized by other substances, and they may be used to supplement other forms of treatment and therapy.

Flower essences do not replace treatment by a duly licensed health-care professional. So if you are taking other medicines, you should continue with them.

How long to take an essence?

We generally recommend that people take the essence anywhere from three days to two weeks. Most people start with one week on each essence, though it’s possible to take them for longer periods. One week is standard, when taken singly rather than in combination.

How long does it take to see results?

Most people report seeing at least the beginning of positive changes within the first three days.  For children and animals, results are often noticed more quickly, even within the first day or two.

As Yogananda’s paramguru, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, used to say, “Striving, striving, one day – behold!”  We found ourselves, through simple living and high thinking (Yogananda’s counsel to us) and the gentle aid of these essences, achieving the perfection that is our divine birthright.


What results can I expect?

A common response to taking an essence is, “I feel like a new person!”  Or, “I really feel like myself again.”  Still others say, “I’m not sure if they are helping, but I do feel better!”  And since happiness is our natural state, it is only natural to return it.

Look for any changes in your energy; breakthroughs in your thoughts, habits, and attitudes; new patterns in sleep and dreams; an attraction to more wholesome foods, exercise, and other health-promoting activities; and new ways that you relate to others and how they in turn treat you.  Your magnetism will be a clue, as it will reflect back to you how you have changed.

Most of all, look for a deeper sense of inner peace and a more positive, joyful outlook.

What if nothing happens?

In 95% of the cases when people report no noticeable results, this lack of response is due to not following the directions properly.  It is important to take the essence at least several times a day, and more often in emergencies or when the need is felt.

Since spiritual advancement is more subtle to perceive than physical, mental, or emotional growth, you may not notice the positive changes initiated through your essence program.  When taken correctly and you still don’t see results, it may be that your friends or family can see that something about you is different.

Or, you may need to try a different essence.


What if i have a negative or adverse reaction to taking essences?

This response is extremely rare. Interestingly, it only occurs with adults–never, according to our records, with children or animals–neither of whom are prone to the placebo effect, unless the children are influenced by adults. Animals, who are on a natural evolutionary track toward higher consciousness, tend to respond quite favorably to these herbal remedies.

upon closer investigation, it is not a “healing crisis,” but rather what we call an “awareness celebration” that people experience. This means that what they may consider to be a negative response is actually a very positive one. If we compare taking an essence to turning on a light in a darkened room, the room may suddenly feel too bright. One might say, “Oh, but i didn’t want to grow that much!”

The good news is that this response occurs only when people are ready for it . If this happens and it feels unpleasant, simply stop taking the essence and the reaction will subside. Or, take Pear Essences to restore a sense  of peace.

Will i need to take Yogananda Flower Essences for the rest of my life?

Absolutely not!

Though many people like to take them from time to time as refreshers, or “energetic reminders,” when different issues arise in their busy lives.

Again, taking an essence may be likened to turning on a light in a dark room; once the light is on, there is no need to keep fiddling with the light switch.