Flower Essences for Children

Do you want to see your children blossom into their full potential? Are you a firm believer in natural remedies? Do you want to support your child’s unique gifts and talents?

Due to their purity of heart and openness of spirit, children often respond extremely well to natural remedies. These essences are completely safe, non-habit forming, and with no side effects. Chlidren love them. Said one of the little girls, reaching for the cupboard, “Mummy, its time for my Strawberry Essence!”

Flower Essences address these issues for your children:

  • Dispelling fears and overcoming shyness
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Dealing with temper tantrums
  • Enahance their innate talents, gifts and charm
  • Redirect their behaviors and attitudes towards their highest potential

Flower essences are also an excellent way for us, as adults , to get in touch with any hidden agendas within our own inner child that have not been healed. For this reason it is a good idea for parents and children to take essences together, oftentimes the same ones. Here, we would at the need of the household as a single entity as well as individuals who comprise it.

So often children specially younger ones, will act out and mirror their parents’ difficulties. Sharing essences helps to create an energetic bridge between parent and child, bringing clarity to each person individually as well as to the relationship between  family members. Peach, for example, is helpful for older children when a new sibling arrives. IT can help them to feel emotionally secure in the changing climate of an expanding family.

Are Yogananda Flower Essences safe for children?

Absolutely!  Children respond wonderfully to these herbal infusions and may even remind you when it’s time for their next dose.

Additionally, these essences have been observed to strengthen the special bond between mother and child.  It is a good idea for them to take essences simultaneously.