Banana Essence


For humility and non-reactivenessé

Product Description

Quality: Humility Rooted in Calmness

Message of Self-Mastery: Calmness; self-honesty; self-forgetfulness; ability to step back and observe, non-reactiveness; not getting caught up in negativity; understanding that “what goes around comes around”; for healthy distance from people and circumstances; objectivity.

Pattern of Disharmony: Focusing on oneself; anxiety; negative attachment; loss of perspective; “can’t see the forest for the trees”; clouded judgment; nervousness, a quarrelsome nature; false pride; for a deep-seated need for recognition; for “going bananas.”


I am a ripple of calmness among towering waves of egotism on life’s restless sea!


Humble Clear-thinking
Gentle Non-reactive
Modest Peace-loving
Calm Dignified
Strong Greatness of character
A good listener Surrendering
Verbally abstemious Quiet


Shy Reactive
Obstinate Uptight
Lacking in clarity Clouded in judgment
Nervous Falsely proud
Quarrelsome Defensive
Drawing conflict Easily upset
Overly attached Arrogant
“Going bananas” Opinionated
Needing to be right


As St. Francis de Sales noted: “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.” These words capture the essence of Banana. True strength has no need to boast of itself. Genuine fortitude is gentle, and quiet. Its proprietor knows that it knows and that is enough. Humility’s strength, then, is its action as a vehicle for a higher power to manifest through us instead of being the end result in and of itself. A great saint was once praised for being humble. “How can there be humility, ” he asked, “when there is no sense of ego?”

Banana’s greatness lies in its ability to help us step back, or out of the way altogether, in circumstances that would otherwise snag us-a quarrel with the spouse, a confrontation at work or feeling out of sorts and on the verge of anger or frustration. When we are able to remain nonreactive in the face of confrontation, we are in the positive Banana state. When we take a farsighted view of our problems, we are again expressing the gentle strength of this essence. One man recounts, “After the first night on Banana, I felt like my past was wiped clean and forgiven. I have an easy and soft feeling inside now.”

Melanie relates: “I have been dealing with a difficult mental/emotional state for three years. It involves a broken heart-a loss of love, resulting in depression, insecurity, melancholy and self-pity. I experienced Banana’s qualities of humility and calmness as aids to greater detachment and started seeing my problem as less important, thinking of others first.

“At first on Banana, it felt like I’d taken a Valium. I had a distinct feeling of just rolling with the punches. After one week it seemed to have done its job because it no longer felt important or on my mind to take it. Even my coworker remarked on the change-there was nothing but Banana that 1 could attribute it to. 1 felt very detached all week. I have learned some valuable new habits from Banana.”


The negative Banana condition is one that we have all experienced at one time or another. Honest pride in our accomplishments is harmless and is, in fact, healthy. But false pride is another. To lose sight that true achievements come to us from a higher level of inspiration-the superconscious, mentioned in the Coconut chapter-creates a block in our energy flow, much like damming up a stream.

The negative Banana state is exhibited as the need to be right; the Itold-you-so attitude; the desire to add our two cents when what we’re really after is having the last word. These attitudes-anxiety, nervousness, and a quarrelsome nature-are the foes of true calmness. Through Banana’s quiet strength we are able to say, “Yes, maybe I was wrong”-or to say nothing at all where words would only prove inflammatory.

We have all experienced someone trying to “get our goat,” the goat symbolizing our peace of mind. To give in to negative emotions by getting angry or upset, even righteously so, means we have lost. Instead, we have only succeeded in filling our bodies with biochemical poisons manufactured by negative emotions. If repeated often enough, this harmful pattern inscribes into our cells the blueprint for disease and the need for Banana.


Read about the lives of famous Banana theme personalities.


If you find yourself involved in an argument, say to your opponent, “Maybe you are right.” Release the need to be right and be open to what you can learn from the experience.

Study one of the martial arts and learn to work with nonviolent flows of energy flows.


A gentle surf on the tropical shore rhythmically drums its fingers on the shell-strewn beach. As an exercise in consciousness, identify yourself with the sand. “Tap, tap, tap,” reiterate the waves. Now allow your consciousness to recede from the beach that is presently upstaged by a five-star sunset of ever-changing hues. Observe the deep reds and kingly violets weave soft patterns in the quiet sky.

“Who am I?” you ask the wave-stirring wind. “Who is asking?” the wind, in question form, replies. You set the question aside like a toy sand pail and dive into the waves. Imagine yourself floating, raft-like, upon them. Play with the thought of becoming a wave. The rivulets to your left and right for miles are like brothers and sisters. You frolic together on the ocean of life. Become the littlest wave possible. And now become merely the salty froth on that wave.

Foam on one small wave in a great big ocean? How little you are! How tiny, and humble. And how little ”you” matter anyway. A wave of great calmness washes over you in the realization of your little part in the oceanic drama of creation.


Testimonials for the Flower Essences

My husband, myself and my 2 children have been using the flower essences for the last 4 months and I feel they have really addressed and dealt with problems that we knew and many we didn’t know of. The essences are very powerful and deeply spiritual in nature. My family started with orange and strawberry flower essence and within a week of taking them we are felt uplifted and with a deeper and higher energy and free from a many issues. Since then we have taken many different ones as had been indicated by the test and each time the essence prescribed has been exactly what was needed to fix the problem at that point in time. For us the essences have opened a new, deep, and very powerful door allowing us to improve ourselves and evolve. I deeply recommend everyone should take them. ~ S.P., New Delhi

Lettuce: This one flower remedy handles many many issues of persons with autism such as – restlessness, repetitive behaviours, hyperactivity, disturbed or delayed sleep, aggression to name a few. Seen definitive results in the kids. They are much more calmer with the remedy, having good sleep at night and communicating their needs. Its one WOW remedy for persons with autism. ~ Deepak Verma, Transformation (Organization for children with special needs), New Delhi

I was going through a ‘big’ situation of change of work, from working in a comfortable job as a Head of Finance in a large multinational company, to deciding to start my entrepreneurship in the area that really attracted me of people development as a trainer and life coach. I was badly ‘caught’ in the test, as it felt like a very confusing change to me. My mind was mostly puzzled, unclear and I really didn’t know if I was even thinking right! The only thing I was sure of then, was that I needed to somehow put all my energies in trying to do what felt right, even if it was very difficult. It was the tomato flower essence that provided that extra Mental Strength and ability to Endure with a deep sense of patience and calmness. With endurance came also the ability to Focus and I found my-self changing almost immediately and started to view ‘difficulties’ on the way, as ‘opportunities’! ~ Dipti Bhatia, Gurgaon

I am a homeopathic practitioner since 18 years. I have gone through the book The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. After my in-depth studies, I prescribed more than 100 essences to my patients, especially on their mood and nature. I used Avocado Essence for memory and concentration in school children and observed their results are improving from their next test only. I used Cherry Essence for cheerfulness and Pineapple for confidence. In the next follow up patients reported that they feel improvement as soon as they took the first drop. Many patients have started reading The Essential Flower Essences Handbook and want to know more about the essences for their use and help others also. ~ Dr. Ketan Shah, MD (Homeopath), Ahmedabad

I have two sons, both are very active children. My elder son is diagnosed with ADHD (mild). I get overworked due to many personal reasons and i tend to loose my peace and sense of balance. I have been working very hard with my elder one, but now seems to loose my patience. One day on some refernce i contacted Dipti ji and she adviced Tomato and Spinach essences for me. This worked very well, specially Spinach essence. I am trying Avocado essence for my child now. ~ R.S.

Jena came from North East and joined me as assistant sales executive in my office. First week went off well. The second week I found her disturbed and most distracted. Turned out she had lost her mother some time back and she was missing her that day. And all in all she was demotivated to concentrate on work. Corn Essence was handy. One dose under the tongue and 20 minutes later Jena was sitting in front of me asking me how to deal with a certain difficult customer! ~ Kamini, Bangalore