Grape Essence


For love and devotion.

Product Description

Qualities: Love, Devotion

Message of Self-Mastery: Realization of the inner source of love; purity; loving without condition, demand, or expectation; patience with others’ shortcomings; flowing with the longer rhythms in relationships; healthy sexuality; for transcendence.

Pattern of Disharmony: Negative emotions such as envy, greed, lust, jealousy; for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce, or death; neediness; cruelty; loneliness; feeling disconnected; feeling alienated; a noncommittal nature; vulnerability; “sour grapes” attitude.


By loving all, I become whole. I need nothing, for I am ever one with Spirit!


Loving Reverential
Devotional Non-possessive
Inspirational Expansive
Peaceful Respectful
Feeling nurtured Friendly
Healthy sexuality Pure
Steadfast Unconditionally loving
Courteous Undemanding
A sharing nature Loving without expectation
Considerate Patient
Magnetic Transcendent
Undemanding Committed


Overbearing Critical
Expecting obedience Blaming
Empty Inconsiderate
Lonely Envious
Needy Greedy
Clinging Lustful
Cruel Jealous
Pushy Abandonment issues
Frigid Separation
Impotent Divorce
Having sexual problems Grieving the death of loved one
Demanding Feeling disconnected
Teasing Alienated
Unrealistic in expectations Noncommittal
Aloof Egoistic
Possessive Vulnerable


Love is the essence of relationships-with a partner, a child, a parent, a friend and with ourselves. We are relational beings. As the popular song says, we are “people who need people.” Although not everyone is cut out for or desirous of a close love relationship, here are some facts to consider:

“Health statistics reveal our innate need for relationship. People who are single over long periods of time tend to suffer from depression to one degree or another; they have weakened immune systems and so are more vulnerable to disease and have a shorter life expectancy. They are also less efficient in the workplace, and less able to weather crisis or disappointment. It is practically commonplace for a widowed person to go into decline, to become ill and even die within a year or so of a spouse’s death-whether the marriage was a happy one or not. And numerous studies have demonstrated the withering effect of neglect or lack of affection on babies.” 14

The positive Grape state is one of an open heart, willing to take the risks involved in opening up to others. “I’d rather be hurt a thousand times,” said a friend, “than lose the capacity to love.” In fact, a common response to Grape is crying, a sign of a closed heart in the process of opening. “I had shut down from past relationship wounds,” Chloe confessed to her massage therapist. “I cried a lot for two days on Grape and then felt fine-changed.” Phil recounted a similar story: “I cried for three hours a couple of days in a row. I just felt this impersonal sadness about the separation of mankind from its source. As a result of these few days, I now feel a greater awareness. Many insights have come.” Laurel’s story, too, illustrates how Grape can benefit us in the dance of relationships in which we sometimes, unwittingly and unintentionally, step on our partner’s toes:

“Geoff and I are both under much pressure in regard to selling the house and the timing of an interstate move. It brings up a lot of stuff and some of our patterns are as old as our relationship. We fell into one of our patterns of disagreement and, as usual, it felt awful. He yells, I cry. We both seemed to be in that twilight zone of being misunderstood.

“When he went to work, I put two little Grape drops in a glass of spring water on the counter and sipped it whenever I walked by. I noticed within hours that I was feeling differently than I would have before under similar circumstances. The first word that comes to mind is that there was a ‘softening.’ Somehow, some of my thoughts loosened up. I didn’t feel so heavy-hearted. I had more kind words to offer my two kids. The key here is that even without further interaction with Geoff, I felt something had been worked out.

“Anyway, I have to tell you-as odd as this seems to put it right out there on paper-there was a point late in the afternoon when, as I mulled over the experience I was having, the words came into my head that. . .I have become love. If that isn’t a profound moment, I can’t imagine what is. Even though I have not sustained the exact feeling of that moment, I still have a sense of it.”

The simple message of Grape is unconditional love. “You learn to love by loving,” St. Francis of Sales explained. “Begin as a mere apprentice, and the very power of love will lead you on to become a master in the art.” And a Jewish saying which humorously illustrates Grape’s love coupled with acceptance advises: Love thy neighbor, even when he plays the trombone.


Poets throughout the ages have extolled love’s power and beauty. “Take away love and our earth is a tomb,” mused Robert Browning. “Man, while he loves, is never quite depraved,” philosophized English essayist Charles Lamb. Indeed, we do feel deprived in the negative Grape state. This essence deals directly with those periods when we feel a lack or loss of love in our lives from death, divorce, separation, loneliness, emptiness or experience feelings of abandonment. Any sense of neediness, isolation or disconnectedness sounds the warning signal on the negative Grape condition. How do we recognize this state? It just doesn’t feel good. Something is missing and that something is part of ourselves.

Grape is the perfect essence for the loss of a loved one. The message of this essence is to look within, and then give to others the very love we feel has been lost.

“It is better to have loved and lost,” counsels the poet Tennyson, “than never to have loved at all.” If we have loved and lost, our natural defense mechanism-and a symptom of the negative Grape state-is to shut down and fabricate barriers to ward off the fear of future disappointment. Unfortunately, this action only creates more problems.

Love is powerful and its absence in any form can be a major source of suffering. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who nursed thousands of the homeless, hungry and ill, once said that she found no suffering greater than the loneliness of people in America’s crowded cities. To make matters worse, we are accustomed to looking for sources outside ourselves to heal this deepest of pains. And while relationships are a vital source of connectedness and nurturance, the lesson of Grape is to find that love from within. The best cure for loneliness is to befriend the lonely; the remedy for grief is to comfort the grieving. Life becomes dry without love. Like the grape vine that entwines its leaves around whatever it grows on, it is our nature to develop divine love and devotion.

To live a full life, our heart’s feelings must be awakened. Don’t wait in the hope that others will love you. Love them spontaneously, whatever their feeling for you! Grape helps to develop selfless love for everyone and everything. Best of all, it helps to develop a love for God and for all true and noble qualities.


When you’re out shopping, dining, in line at the movies or anywhere in public, observe relationships and how people treat each other-mother and child, same-sex peers, older couples, boyfriend and girlfriend. Mentally note the dynamics between people. Are they loving? Courteous? Expansive with each other?

Review the relationships in your present life and the quality of love you give to others. Note areas that need improvement and resolve to work on them.

Meditate, ending each session with a focused prayer from your heart to send love out into the world.

Stand in the sunlight, both drawing in and sending out rays of love through all the cells in your body.

Try this cure for loneliness-befriend your own mind. Involve yourself in creative projects. In other words, make your “alone time” dynamic.

Buy some flowers for yourself or a loved one.

Take yourself out on a date; enjoy your own company.


Am I dreaming? you ask yourself. This can’t be what it’s like to pass on. There was no pain, just an effortless wafting into the clouds. These are light clouds-not the clouds of an impending thunderstorm, but the soft, billowy clouds that get whooshed away by the slightest icy breeze on a sunny winter’s morning.

You are floating, floating, many pounds lighter than you ever remember being while on earth. You can still speak, but your voice is now only an echo of itself. You can see yourself, though you are now only a translucent shadow. Light, everything is ligh.t And the most wonderful thing is that you have no fear-only a deep peace and an even deeper sense of being cocooned in a very great love.

And you can fly! What fun to look down on the mountains! How little they look, how tiny the earth. Your life, from this vantage point, looks like a checkerboard; your most loved friends and family, like chess pieces moving to and fro. The wind, like a warm breath, steals up behind you. It takes shape aurally, forming words. The words come into focus, like tuning in a radio dial.

“Did you learn to love more deeply each day than the day before?” The voice comes from nowhere and everywhere. Just as the thought forms, how to answer-a plane flies overhead. It startles you from reverie. You awaken from the dream.


Testimonials for the Flower Essences

My husband, myself and my 2 children have been using the flower essences for the last 4 months and I feel they have really addressed and dealt with problems that we knew and many we didn’t know of. The essences are very powerful and deeply spiritual in nature. My family started with orange and strawberry flower essence and within a week of taking them we are felt uplifted and with a deeper and higher energy and free from a many issues. Since then we have taken many different ones as had been indicated by the test and each time the essence prescribed has been exactly what was needed to fix the problem at that point in time. For us the essences have opened a new, deep, and very powerful door allowing us to improve ourselves and evolve. I deeply recommend everyone should take them. ~ S.P., New Delhi

Lettuce: This one flower remedy handles many many issues of persons with autism such as – restlessness, repetitive behaviours, hyperactivity, disturbed or delayed sleep, aggression to name a few. Seen definitive results in the kids. They are much more calmer with the remedy, having good sleep at night and communicating their needs. Its one WOW remedy for persons with autism. ~ Deepak Verma, Transformation (Organization for children with special needs), New Delhi

I was going through a ‘big’ situation of change of work, from working in a comfortable job as a Head of Finance in a large multinational company, to deciding to start my entrepreneurship in the area that really attracted me of people development as a trainer and life coach. I was badly ‘caught’ in the test, as it felt like a very confusing change to me. My mind was mostly puzzled, unclear and I really didn’t know if I was even thinking right! The only thing I was sure of then, was that I needed to somehow put all my energies in trying to do what felt right, even if it was very difficult. It was the tomato flower essence that provided that extra Mental Strength and ability to Endure with a deep sense of patience and calmness. With endurance came also the ability to Focus and I found my-self changing almost immediately and started to view ‘difficulties’ on the way, as ‘opportunities’! ~ Dipti Bhatia, Gurgaon

I am a homeopathic practitioner since 18 years. I have gone through the book The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. After my in-depth studies, I prescribed more than 100 essences to my patients, especially on their mood and nature. I used Avocado Essence for memory and concentration in school children and observed their results are improving from their next test only. I used Cherry Essence for cheerfulness and Pineapple for confidence. In the next follow up patients reported that they feel improvement as soon as they took the first drop. Many patients have started reading The Essential Flower Essences Handbook and want to know more about the essences for their use and help others also. ~ Dr. Ketan Shah, MD (Homeopath), Ahmedabad

I have two sons, both are very active children. My elder son is diagnosed with ADHD (mild). I get overworked due to many personal reasons and i tend to loose my peace and sense of balance. I have been working very hard with my elder one, but now seems to loose my patience. One day on some refernce i contacted Dipti ji and she adviced Tomato and Spinach essences for me. This worked very well, specially Spinach essence. I am trying Avocado essence for my child now. ~ R.S.

Jena came from North East and joined me as assistant sales executive in my office. First week went off well. The second week I found her disturbed and most distracted. Turned out she had lost her mother some time back and she was missing her that day. And all in all she was demotivated to concentrate on work. Corn Essence was handy. One dose under the tongue and 20 minutes later Jena was sitting in front of me asking me how to deal with a certain difficult customer! ~ Kamini, Bangalore