Pineapple Essence


For self-assurance.

Product Description

Quality: Self-assurance

Message of Self-Mastery: Content with self; career fulfillment; confidence; empowerment; strong sense of identity; wisdom; clarity with money issues; the ability to draw abundance.

Pattern of Disharmony: Inferiority complex; compares self to others; dissatisfaction with self; unhappy with job situation; undesired unemployment; an overbearing nature; a pushy personality; inability to choose a career and/or stick with it.


I move with confidence through the graceful dance of life!


Honest Clear-minded
Content with self Outspoken
Fulfilled by career Strong character
Confident Self-assured
Powerful Strong sense of identity
Wise Knowing limitations
Comfortable with money Abundance-oriented


Tending toward an
inferiority complex
Comparing self to others Unhappy with job
Feeling judged Unemployed
Dissatisfied with self Shy
Outrageous Proud
Imposing Tactless
Pushy Uncomfortable with
money issues
Overbearing Stuck in poverty-consciousness


An individual in the positive Pineapple state goes to himself for a second opinion. And why not? It will be as reliable as the first. Clarity, strength and wisdom are the pinnacles of Pineapple. Here we see an extremely magnetic and charismatic expression of energy. Public speakers, politicians, actors and people in the limelight are generally strong in positive Pineapple characteristics. The glamour of their achievements and the glare of their mistakes catch the public eye with equal impact.

Pineapple is the ideal essence for identity crisis during the teenage years (“I don’t like myself”); for mid-life crisis (“Who am I now?”); or for any sudden or dramatic change in life that leaves us not quite knowing who we are. Pineapple vibrationally teaches us to know and to like ourselves, leading to our becoming supremely likable in the process.

Pineapple comes to the rescue when confidence fails us. “I was in a serious car accident a couple of years ago,” Debbie recalled.” From that time on, even as a passenger, my stomach would end up in my throat. I took Pineapple for two months, especially when the fear arose. The Pineapple allowed me to tell myself, ‘You know what you have to do.’ It allowed me to go through with it.” Pineapple is the essence for self-assurance, meaning tested faith in our Higher Self.


The negative Pineapple state makes itself known through flamboyancy and the flaunting of every quality but humility. Individuals trapped in this condition will verbally back you into a corner. They are loud and overbearing, the topic of conversation usually revolving around themselves or their ideas-political, environmental or metaphysical. You may not be able to get a word in edgewise, so be prepared to just listen! Instead of having a lot of character, the negative Pineapple person is a character.

Paradoxically, this type of behavior is often symptomatic of an inferiority complex. The negative Pineapple state may also manifest as its opposite, shyness. Here we see the wallflower at the party, standing at the back of the room staring down at his feet. “Self-assuredness is big issue for me,” Paul admitted. “Almost immediately I felt results from Pineapple. I was less preoccupied with understanding myself and less worried about others’ judgments.”

Then there’s the job arena. Doubting our abilities, dissatisfied with skills and preoccupied with our shortcomings-these qualities contribute to an unhappy work environment. When asking for a raise, isn’t the real question, “Am I worth it?” Pineapple is the essence for money issues. We see in the negative Pineapple state a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat in which we might feel underpaid; unrecognized for our achievements, which may indeed be fine; unable to secure the raise we feel we deserve; or unappreciated by our superiors.

These circumstances are often mere reflections of our own poor self-image. How can we blame the law of magnetism for drawing to ourselves precisely that which we broadcast out to the world? We should, rather, applaud it for its consistency and thank it for such a prompt RSVP!


Spend time with Pineapple themes or people you know who are successful. Read about famous people, or watch movies about their lives- inventors, leaders, political figures and athletes. Go to performances by solo artists who have achieved a measure of greatness and recognition. Develop on deeper levels those skills and talents in which you already excel. Anytime you find that you are comparing yourself to others-stop!


It is a warm summer day. Were it not so early, the heat would have set in and made the hike before you even more strenuous. You survey the mountain from its base and mentally brace yourself for a rugged morning climb. Your daypack holds some high carbohydrate snacks and a canteen of water filled from a spring at camp. A few deep breaths, and you’re off. The trail proves well worn and solid under your hiking boots. Two pairs of socks should prevent any blistering. You are confident; all is ready.

The ascent is steady, the scenery varied and interesting. First you traverse a cool forest of hardwoods, the dew barely covering patches of moss. Then the trees thin out and the landscape grows sparse. The trail is much dryer now and covered with pieces of brown and gray shale. The sun beats down in a familiar and friendly way. The ascent steepens. No matter, you know you can do it. Confidence matches your every step.

You are breathing harder now, feeling your leg muscles challenged more deeply as you climb over rocks and large boulders. Although the hike has grown more difficult, you meet it without resistance. Endorphins flow within you like a cool stream, washing into your inner sight a great sense of power and self-knowing.

You pause on the trail and breathe in the quality of self-assuredness-owning it, honoring it, realizing it. One with the mountain, the sun, the trail, you inhale the sweet breeze of a triumphant climb.



Testimonials for the Flower Essences

My husband, myself and my 2 children have been using the flower essences for the last 4 months and I feel they have really addressed and dealt with problems that we knew and many we didn’t know of. The essences are very powerful and deeply spiritual in nature. My family started with orange and strawberry flower essence and within a week of taking them we are felt uplifted and with a deeper and higher energy and free from a many issues. Since then we have taken many different ones as had been indicated by the test and each time the essence prescribed has been exactly what was needed to fix the problem at that point in time. For us the essences have opened a new, deep, and very powerful door allowing us to improve ourselves and evolve. I deeply recommend everyone should take them. ~ S.P., New Delhi

Lettuce: This one flower remedy handles many many issues of persons with autism such as – restlessness, repetitive behaviours, hyperactivity, disturbed or delayed sleep, aggression to name a few. Seen definitive results in the kids. They are much more calmer with the remedy, having good sleep at night and communicating their needs. Its one WOW remedy for persons with autism. ~ Deepak Verma, Transformation (Organization for children with special needs), New Delhi

I was going through a ‘big’ situation of change of work, from working in a comfortable job as a Head of Finance in a large multinational company, to deciding to start my entrepreneurship in the area that really attracted me of people development as a trainer and life coach. I was badly ‘caught’ in the test, as it felt like a very confusing change to me. My mind was mostly puzzled, unclear and I really didn’t know if I was even thinking right! The only thing I was sure of then, was that I needed to somehow put all my energies in trying to do what felt right, even if it was very difficult. It was the tomato flower essence that provided that extra Mental Strength and ability to Endure with a deep sense of patience and calmness. With endurance came also the ability to Focus and I found my-self changing almost immediately and started to view ‘difficulties’ on the way, as ‘opportunities’! ~ Dipti Bhatia, Gurgaon

I am a homeopathic practitioner since 18 years. I have gone through the book The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. After my in-depth studies, I prescribed more than 100 essences to my patients, especially on their mood and nature. I used Avocado Essence for memory and concentration in school children and observed their results are improving from their next test only. I used Cherry Essence for cheerfulness and Pineapple for confidence. In the next follow up patients reported that they feel improvement as soon as they took the first drop. Many patients have started reading The Essential Flower Essences Handbook and want to know more about the essences for their use and help others also. ~ Dr. Ketan Shah, MD (Homeopath), Ahmedabad

I have two sons, both are very active children. My elder son is diagnosed with ADHD (mild). I get overworked due to many personal reasons and i tend to loose my peace and sense of balance. I have been working very hard with my elder one, but now seems to loose my patience. One day on some refernce i contacted Dipti ji and she adviced Tomato and Spinach essences for me. This worked very well, specially Spinach essence. I am trying Avocado essence for my child now. ~ R.S.

Jena came from North East and joined me as assistant sales executive in my office. First week went off well. The second week I found her disturbed and most distracted. Turned out she had lost her mother some time back and she was missing her that day. And all in all she was demotivated to concentrate on work. Corn Essence was handy. One dose under the tongue and 20 minutes later Jena was sitting in front of me asking me how to deal with a certain difficult customer! ~ Kamini, Bangalore