Workshops in Mumbai

Lila Devi is offering 4  Workshops in Mumbai. All workshops have different locations in Mumbai and they are online as well.

1. Yogananda Flower Essences to Achieve Perfect Well-Being

Unleash Nature's Healing Power

Learn How:

  • You can strengthen your positive qualities with these safe vibrational medicines.
  • To enhance your magnetism, productivity, abundance – and most of all, your inner peace.
  • To understand yourself as an energetic being, filled with unlimited life force!
  • Yogananda Flower Essences impart the ray of the great spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda.

 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, Sunday, September 17

Where: Ananda Ashram, Villa No. 4, Raheja Exotica, Madh OR Attend Online on Zoom

Energy Exchange: Rs. 499 

Contact: +91 81696 39790

2. Flower Essences: Nature's Remedies for Pets

Come to this fascinating workshop about these completely safe remedies for our beloved furry, feathered, or scaled loved ones! It is guaranteed that you will never look at your animal companions in the same way again.

Paramhansa Yoganandaji had a tender spot in his heart for the animal kingdom. Thus it’s no surprise that these flower essences, based on his wisdom, are also a great assistance to our pets.

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Why these Flower Essences are so effective for our pets
  • How to administer them, when and, most importantly, how to choose them.
  • An approach to understanding pets in terms of the Indian system of the koshas/veils

Our pets enrich our lives; thus it’s our responsibility to give back to them a thousandfold. Free of the placebo effect – and prefrontal lobes – our pets have much to teach us! Learn how to co-exist with greater harmony with your pets.

8-8.30 pm, Wednesday, 20 September

Venue:  Ananda Ashram, Villa No. 4, Raheja Exotica, Madh OR Attend Online on Zoom

Energy Exchange: Rs. 399 

Contact: +91 81696 39790


3. Flower Essences: Nature's Way to Balance the Chakras

How do we “fix” our own chakras? By strengthening, balancing, and energizing our own life-giving life force! This workshop will give you the practical tools to do just that. Bring with you your questions and your enthusiasm!

This class will impart to you:

  • How Flower Essences can be used in strengthening the flow of energy to your chakras
  • A special technique for accurately locating your own chakras within your metaphysical spine
  • The truth about a blocked and or mis-aligned chakra
  • What are the higher and lower octaves of each of the chakras
6-7.30 pm, Friday, 22 September

Venue: Shop no 1/2 Avantika CHS Ltd, Birla Ln, Juhu, Mumbai

Energy Exchange: Rs. 499 

Contact: +91 81696 39790

4. Nature's Way of Healing Relationships

10.30 am -1.30 pm, Sun, 24 September

Venue: Ananda Sangha Plot No 216A, Manish Commercial Centre, 306, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli, Mumbai, or Attend Online

Energy Exchange: Rs. 499 

Contact: +91 81696 39790 

Instructor Bio: 

Lila Devi is the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, est.1977, commissioned by Swami Kriyananda. She lectures internationally, and is considered one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today. She has authored 7 books and counting, including 4 for children. An Ananda minister, she has lived and served in the Ananda communities for 47 years and currently resides at Ananda Village, California. 

About Yogananda Flower Essences

Non-toxic, non-habit-forming, quick-acting, inexpensive and easy to use, Yogananda Flower Essences stimulate your existing, inherent highest potential. These remedies are based on the insights of Paramhansa Yogananda’s psycho-spiritual qualities of certain foods. 

Yogananda Flower Essences are time-tested in India for nearly 20 years, plus being the oldest flower essences globally outside the UK for nearly 50 years!