Flower Essences for Pets

Can I give Flower Essences to my pets such as dogs and cats?

Yes!  Flower essences are especially effective for animals, who are not blocked by the mental interferences that people encounter, nor are they prone to placebo effects (imagined rather than substantiated results). Essences for your pets are helpful for emergencies, daily situations, habitual behaviors and ongoing problems.

Flower Essences for Dogs

Flower essences for dogs are a time-tested approach to natural pet care. Common problems are: inappropriate barking, separation anxiety, aggression, previous abuse, and inability to train. Owners who use flower essences for dogs see the beauty of their pets’ personalities shine.

Flower essences for dogs awaken their innate wisdom and happiness.

We have a pet and his name is Raiku ( a Japanese name that means ‘Lightning’). This 10 months old labrador was going through ‘separation anxiety’ with my son resuming his school after 2 months of summer vacation. Few drops of Blackberry flower essence in his drinking water relaxed Raiku and his droopy eyes were filled with composure and relief again. We are sure in pure thoughts of all being well and that his friend (my son) was still very much around him!
Dipti Bhatia
Life Coach