I have been using the avocado and lettuce essences for about 6 months now and they really have helped me. Lately I’ve been cool headed and tend to not get overly stressed about a lot of situations. The lettuce essences have helped with keeping me calm and relaxed , in situations where I normally would have panicked. The affirmations really help to cement the thought in my mind, forming a very real connection between the essences and desired result.

 – Adit Venkatesan, Student studying for Competitive exams, Bangalore


Last year we were being tossed and turned on the tides of my son’s turbulent mind. About three weeks after he started taking the essences we could see a difference as he became calmer. Also, using the affirmation with the essence makes a lot of difference and also using the essences for a sustained period of time has a larger impact.

– Anjali Soni, Bangalore 

I was going through a ‘big’ situation of change of work, from working in a comfortable job as a Head of Finance in a large multinational company, to deciding to start my entrepreneurship in the area that really attracted me of people development as a trainer and life coach. I was badly ‘caught’ in the test, as it felt like a very confusing change to me. My mind was mostly puzzled, unclear and I really didn’t know if I was even thinking right! The only thing I was sure of then, was that I needed to somehow put all my energies in trying to do what felt right, even if it was very difficult. It was the tomato flower essence that provided that extra Mental Strength and ability to Endure with a deep sense of patience and calmness. With endurance came also the ability to Focus and I found my-self changing almost immediately and started to view ‘difficulties’ on the way, as ‘opportunities’!

–Dipti Bhatia, Gurgaon

I am a homeopathic practitioner since 18 years. I have gone through the book The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. After my in-depth studies, I prescribed more than 100 essences to my patients, especially on their mood and nature. I used Avocado Essence for memory and concentration in school children and observed their results are improving from their next test only. I used Cherry Essence for cheerfulness and Pineapple for confidence. In the next follow up patients reported that they feel improvement as soon as they took the first drop. Many patients have started reading The Essential Flower Essences Handbook and want to know more about the essences for their use and help others also.

–Dr. Ketan Shah, MD (Homeopath), Ahmedabad

I have been experimenting with flower essences for last few months. I wanted to begin self control for my food eating habits and then started with almond essence. Within a few days I started getting prompts of what to do and not to do. It improved and then intuitively was guided to Avocado, Lettuce, Pineapple which helped me further increase the calmness, sense of self worth, expansion and strange awareness that was enhanced. I worked through all the situations to learn lessons and saw tremendous improvement.

I then wanted to enhance my devotion. Being a very logical and experimental person who goes with facts and numbers and measures, it was challenging for me to dive into devotion straight. For one year been trying to that but wasn’t very successful. I referred to the essence list again and was guided for Grapes and Strawberry essence. I started taking it and saw miraculous shift in my approach to devotion. Intuitively was guided to Coconut as well. A month of miraculous change.

Later I realised that though I was improving my level of commitment was not enough, consistency was not enough, concentration not enough. I had to increase all the three to next level. So I picked up first chakra essence to increase and wow in a week I saw development in all the three areas. It pushed me to stay committed. My food habits got further refined, my willpower and levels of commitment further enhanced. I started eating mostly raw vegetables and fruits and carbs like potato and tapioca which I realised was enough for the body. I could meditate more as my stomach was just right all the time with lite food. Temptations came up I didn’t give up on commitment. Concentration on tasks has become sharper and I could complete work faster. Am a Multitasker and besides the demanding professional life, I write books, have learning sessions, home, meditations, service and I started doing all things with enhanced awareness and focus .

There have been events where intuition guides to certain essence and it does serve the purpose . These essences are alive and they have high vibrations. The beauty is that our journey of learning is never ending and what we have to learn and perfect keeps becoming more challenging . We have to keep working towards the perfection until we succeed with utmost sincerity and as the level keeps going up the essence come as guidance and they magically support us in our journey!!

Huge gratitude for offering such powerful potions.

~ V. N., Bangalore

My husband, myself and my 2 children have been using the flower essences for the last 4 months and I feel they have really addressed and dealt with problems that we knew and many we didn’t know of. The essences are very powerful and deeply spiritual in nature. My family started with orange and strawberry flower essence and within a week of taking them we are felt uplifted and with a deeper and higher energy and free from a many issues. Since then we have taken many different ones as had been indicated by the test and each time the essence prescribed has been exactly what was needed to fix the problem at that point in time. For us the essences have opened a new, deep, and very powerful door allowing us to improve ourselves and evolve. I deeply recommend everyone should take them.

–S.P., New Delhi

Lettuce: This one flower remedy handles many many issues of persons with autism such as – restlessness, repetitive behaviours, hyperactivity, disturbed or delayed sleep, aggression to name a few. Seen definitive results in the kids. They are much more calmer with the remedy, having good sleep at night and communicating their needs. Its one WOW remedy for persons with autism.

–Deepak Verma, Transformation (Organization for children with special needs), New Delhi

I have two sons, both are very active children. My elder son is diagnosed with ADHD (mild). I get overworked due to many personal reasons and i tend to loose my peace and sense of balance. I have been working very hard with my elder one, but now seems to loose my patience. One day on some refernce i contacted Dipti ji and she adviced Tomato and Spinach essences for me. This worked very well, specially Spinach essence. I am trying Avocado essence for my child now.


Jena came from North East and joined me as assistant sales executive in my office. First week went off well. The second week I found her disturbed and most distracted. Turned out she had lost her mother some time back and she was missing her that day. And all in all she was demotivated to concentrate on work. Corn Essence was handy. One dose under the tongue and 20 minutes later Jena was sitting in front of me asking me how to deal with a certain difficult customer!

–Kamini, Bangalore

I noticed I was eating a lot of dried dates. For fortnight dates were an addiction. So I decided to try Date Essence. After taking the essence for 3 days, I noticed that I was more calm and sweet in situations where I would have been curt and outspoken. I had a complex problem in my mind and did not know how to solve it. I took three doses of Apple Essences during the day and by night I was able to solve the problem, thanks to APPLE Essence.

–MC, a healer in Mumbai

My husband Ashok and I have been taking LETTUCE Essence, and we both feel so calm and much more able to handle a lot of turbulence and stay centered.

–Palak, store owner, Mumbai

I had taken Kriya Yoga initiation about four years earlier. Almost 3 to 4 days had passed and I could not sit for meditation even for five minutes. Fifth day it began to bother me. Since I was helping sell Essences at Ananda Bangalore Center, I took out Grape Essence and took one dose under the tongue. Literally in five minutes, after taking 3 drops of grape essence I was filled with a strong urge to sit and meditate. And of course I experienced one of the most intense and joyful meditations!

–Kamini, Bangalore

The first essence I ever took was Pineapple. After only a few days of taking it, I was able to calmly stand up for myself with a person who had always intimidated me in the past. I felt more empowered than ever before in my life.

– Shallu, Gurgaon

The experience of using Yogananda Flower Essence has been quite amazing. Out of all Essences i have tried, Lettuce & Coconut essences have been my absolute favourite so far. They have really helped me go though the turbulent times that i have had to during the last 2-3 months. I guess i will stick with these two essences for longer. 

                    – Darpan, Mumbai