What Are Flower Essences?

Yogananda flower essences are herbal infusions that stimulate positive, spiritual qualities within our nature.  They strengthen and balance us on emotional and psychological levels of our being.  They are prepared by extracting the life force from blossoms through the elements of sunlight and pure spring water.

All flower essences do the same thing: they restore us to a state of balance in which our internal, intelligent life force is activated.  Life force is the real healer; the energy of the flower essence creates a vibrational resonance that gently stimulates the life force.  “You have to live anyway”, Yoganandaji said, “so why not live in the right way?”  This is what the essences help us manifest in our lives.

How are They Made?

Organic fruit orchards and vegetable gardens indigenous to the Sierra Nevada foothills in California provide the blossoms for our essences, with the exception of Coconut, Avocado, Banana, Date and Pineapple Essences that are made on the lush Hawaiian islands.  The essences are prepared in such a gentle way, so respectful of the living plant that their life force is captured in the process.  Flowers are plucked at their peak of ripeness, the plant itself is left intact.

The blossoms of the particular plants or trees are carefully selected and floated on pure spring water in a glass bowl.  After sitting in direct sunlight for three to four hours, the blossoms are discarded.  This mother essence is then stored out of heat and sunlight in a dark-colored bottle half-filled with a natural preservative.  From this solution, the Stock Concentrate is prepared.  To ensure their two-year potency, store the essences upright, away from heat and direct sunlight.