Yogananda Flower Essences

Developed in 1977 in California, USA, we are the oldest flower essence company outside the UK. Nearly five decades of research, case histories, and direct testimonials support the ancient wisdom of these herbal infusions.

These Flower Essences are now available in India!

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Flower Essences

We offer a range of 20 different flower essences to help with any kind of affliction.

Choosing your Essence

Let us help you to find a right flower essence for you!

Chakra Blend Essences

Chakras are vitally important for our well being on all levels. Now is the time for you to nurture, strengthen and support your chakras!

Scienfitic Research

Learn about the research that has been conducted on flower essences.

Essences for Pets

Flower essences for dogs are a time-tested approach to natural pet care. They awaken their innate wisdom and happiness.

Essences for Children

Do you want to see your children blossom into their full potential?

Helpful Charts

Learn how each individual flower essence can help you deal with physcal, mental, and emotional ailments.


Read the stories of people who were touched by our flower essences.

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